Monday, August 27, 2012

Social Security is healthy and financially secure.

Social Security is not going bankrupt, it just needs a debt collector

When the Social Security System
was created in the 1930s there were more than 10 workers paying in to support one recipient of "Old Age Insurance." It was taking in a whole lot more than it was paying out and to hold the money and make sure that the system would be stable for decades to come they created the Social Security Trust Fund.

Enter Congress. Looking for ways to make their excessive spending more palatable to the masses who would be needed to reelect them, they saw money building up in the Social Security Trust Fund. So they borrowed it.

How much did they borrow? In order to answer that properly you need to know that our Congress has borrowed $1.17 trillion (with a T). As of this month Congress owes the senior citizens of the United States of America an astounding $2.7 trillion--that's more than twice as much as they owe to China.

So there you have it--all we need to do is send a notice of collection to Congress and the Social Security System will be flush with cash.

Failing that, we could ask them to make a monthly payment, just like they have to do for their Master Card. I think they should pay the Social Security Trust Fund $1 each month. Now that, of course would be on top to the 15% interest which comes to $40 billion so that the monthly bill would be $40,000,000,001 EACH MONTH.

Social Security and Medicare do not have a problem--Congress does.

Can I sue them for my trust fund money?

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