Saturday, September 8, 2012

In Defense of Willared Romney

The Republican nominee to be President of the United States is being unfairly attacked for not using the words Afghanistan, Soldier or Veteran in his acceptance speech. He has explained that he did use those words in a speech the day before to the American Legion (a speech that generally went un-covered by any media)in Indianapolis. He further stated that he did use the word Defense several times and that to him Defense and Soldier are the same.

I call the attacks upon him unfair because, in his mind, he was not minimizing the importance of Defense. Further, his opinion was probably echoed by Democratic candidate Barry Obama in 2008--Defense and Soldier are synonyms.

But after 3 and a half years of talking with, weeping with and praying with families of Soldiers (not Defense) who gave their last full measure of devotion to their country, Obama knows all too well the difference between Defense and Soldier.

Yess, I give Willard a pass on this one but I don't give a pass to his party whose speakers were hell-bent upon making a name for themselves so that they can run for President in 2016 when the second and final Obama term ends. A party whose leaders in the past could legitimately be called heroes gave little notice to current war and warriors while threatening more un-necessary wars.

Past Republican leaders have included Eisenhower, Dole, G.H.W. Bush and McCain. Now it is dominated by the neo-cons who have never served a day of military service but who rattle the chains of war loudly. Soldiers die when they have their way.

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